Site development

Our big news is that we will be moving! Not far, and to grow our 3-year old kitchen in an even more stunning building. Our wonderful landlord Homerton college are building a brand new home for us on site, starting this summer and completing next summer. We hope.  In the meantime, we will share our site with up to 100 builders...we assume they will need feeding...

Follow our journey here. Pics will follow shortly...

Largest corporate event to date!

As the only providers of corporate events in Cambridge with a cookery theme, we are thrilled to receive glowing reviews from our guests. Our latest challenge was giving 60 people - of which 57 were male and mostly over 6ft - a fantastic time creating delicous food. It is safe to say that we succeeded.

Cambridge BakeOff winner 2014

Cambridge BakeOff 2014 We have found our winner for this year and nobody who followed the 2013 BakeOff will be surprised to hear that last year's runner-up, local sixth former Rachel Stonehouse this year's . Rachel who is doing science subject A levels won with her stunning "First signs of Spring" cake. The Cambridge cookery school team and fellow judges were blown away by a cake so perfect it scored 21 out of 20 possible points!