Please find photos available for press use in this Dropbox folder.

  • All images are high-res.


Please find all our logos available in this Dropbox folder.

  • There are logos prepared for print (CMYK colours) as well as logos prepared for screens (RGB colours).
  • There’s a range of different logo styles which can be used as appropriate.
  • The logos are currently available as PNG files (for screen) with a transparent background, and JPG files (for print) with a white background. There are also EPS files available for professional print production.
  • There’s currently only one large size logo available, however the EPS version can be used in any size.
  • Different sizes and formats are available upon request. Please contact us on [email protected].


Cambridge Cookery’s colours are:

  • Light green (main colour)
    Pantone = 376 (Mushy Pea)
    CMYK = 54, 0, 100, 0
    RGB = 158, 219, 61
    HEX = #84BD00
  • Grey (secondary colour)
    RGB = 135, 135, 135
    CMYK = 0, 0, 0, 60
    HEX = #878787
  • Dark green (only for web)
    RGB = 46, 66, 0
    HEX = #2E4200
  • Light grey (only for web)
    RGB = 239, 239, 239


Cambridge Cookery uses two fonts. The primary font is called ‘Italian Plate No1’ and the secondary font is called ‘Freight Text Pro’. These are chosen to compliment each other in style and use.

  • ‘Italian Plate No1’ can be rented here for €6/month per font weight (if you rent it for 12 months you own it after that). For testing purposes strictly, there’s a demo version of this font available here (please note that this version does not contain numbers or special characters).
  • ‘Freight Text Pro’ can be purchased here.
  • As a free alternative to ‘Freight Text Pro’ we recommend using ‘Georgia’, which is found pre-installed on most computers.