What’s for Supper – Thai prawn noodles

Today’s supper is a simple Thai style noodle dish, with our without prawns/chicken/pork/beef.

You will need glass noodles, a mix of crunchy vegetables cut into strips such as carrot, spring onions, red onion, any colour peppers, mange touts, baby corn, green beans, red or green cabbage, Bok Choi red or green chilli, garlic and your chosen animal protein, if using. I used half a bag of frozen, raw large prawns. For seasoning you need (some or all) lime juice, fish sauce, soy sauce, Ketjap Manis, sesame oil. If you don’t have any of the salty/umami ingredients ie soy and fish sauce, use normal salt and a small dollop of Marmite or a splash of Worcester sauce. If you don’t have the sweet Ketjap Manis, add some brown sugar. Taste your way to that intoxicating Thai mix of sweet, sour, salty, spicy and a bit of bitter.

Drop the glass noodles into boiling water, leave them to simmer until soft but not sloppy.

Drain into ice cold water.

Heat sunflower oil in a large frying pan, flash fry the vegetables for 1 minute, add the prawns/thin strips of chicken/beef/pork and keep frying on high temperature for 2 more minutes. Add the wet seasoning, taste your way to perfection.

Drop in the noodles.


Have a cold lager with this. If you prefer a white wine go with something aromatic like a Gewürztraminer or an off dry Riesling. Definitely not anything oaked, like a Chardonnay and spicy food is not the right match for any full bodied red, even when when the dish includes steak.

What’s for Supper tomorrow…

Looking at the by now depleted contents of my freezer, I am thinking individual salmon en croute..