Café and new premises 4-week countdown

Less than a month to go until we re-open! Our builders have all been amazing working at break-neck speed and we marvel at the daily drastic changes. All plastering is finished, heating and air con going in and we are measuring up for fitting and cutting in our coffee machine and hot tap to our stone work tops. With so much of the on-site daily decisions and adjustments now behind us, the coming weeks are ear marked for trimming our menu plans and deciding which dishes to launch straight away and which to introduce as part of our second wave of delicious food going on our boards.

Some of our favourite things and in no particular order include Swedish dark rye with mature cheese and black currant jam, Green pea fritters with curd cheese & chilli, Crab and soy omelette, Huevos Rancheros, Churros, Cinnamon rolls, Beet and goat’s cheese salad, Puy lentils and char grilled Harrisa salmon, Mayfield and Pumpernickel…we hope to make an impact on the vibrant Cambridge food scene!