Let’s do Brunch!

We are launching what we think will be the best Brunch in Cambridge on Saturday 28th May 8.30am-1pm.

A new sunny Terrace joins our Scandi chic interiors. Bikes and Dogs welcome.


Brunch Menu

Toast 3.50

Cream cheese, sea salt, pepper on Wholemeal

Almond butter on Seeded Light Rye

Nutella on Seeded light Rye

Bowls 4.50

Whole Buckwheat Porridge, blueberries, chia seeds, poached pear, coconut milk

Swedish Rye Porridge, amber syrup, berries, milk

House Muesli, coconut Labneh, berries

Eggs 6.50

Soft boiled egg, Chipotle, avocado, rocket on Sour Dough

Scramble on Sour Dough with your choice of topping

Banana pancakes made with gluten free flour, cinnamon, whipped maple butter

House Special 7.50

Swedish Breakfast Platter