What’s for Supper – roasted red peppers with tomato and garlic


If you have followed my weekend blogs on baking, you may, like me, be considering to cook something light and suitable for mopping up with bread. Red peppers, tomatoes and garlic all have a fairly long shelf life in a cool fridge. I found a couple of peppers at the bottom of my veg drawer and I am keeping a constant supply of cherry tomatoes as they are so versatile and it seems readily available from even smaller grocery stores.

I also had a bag of Cavolo Nero which had been forgotten in a box in the shade on my balcony – my current extra fridge. It had just started to look a little wilted so it had to be put to good use. Cut out the thick central stalk, bunch up and slice across. Peel and thinly slice a clove of garlic or two, and a red chilli or two. Fry at high heat in sun flower oil. It will spit and splash so take care to use a long tool to give a couple of turns in the pan. Season liberally with sea salt. Both these dishes lend themselves really well for being enjoyed with bread, the juices of the peppers in particular crying out to be mopped up.

One large pepper serves 1

Halve lengthways. Remove the white pith but keep the stalk.

Halve a dozen cherry tomatoes and pile into the pepper

Peel and thinly slice a fat clove of garlic, scatter amongst the tomatoes

Season generously with salt and a little less generously with pepper

Pour in copious amounts of olive oil.

Bake until collapsed, soft, juicy and sweet. About 40 min at 180C.

Serve at room temperature.

There will still be oily juices at the bottom of the dish. Keep and use as base for salad dressings – the oil will be nicely infused by sweet pepper.